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INTRODUCING Pinnacle Care Management Group

We’ve worked with various leaders in Geriatrics, Case Management, Healthcare Administration, and Long-Term Care nationwide. Our multifaceted team of care managers and licensed nurse managers have a real desire to alleviate the emotional, medical, and financial challenges of patients and families. We created this organization so that we could help many more individuals. They understand that each client has different circumstances. So we tailor our services by providing personalized plans. Each of us is diligent in maintaining everyone’s overall health and quality of life.

smiling senior patient sitting on wheelchair with nurse supporting her
senior woman and woman hugging each other

Guiding Principles

  • Always serve with compassion
  • Advocate for all
  • Safeguard the individuals we serve and act in their best interests
  • Enhance the quality of life at every opportunity
  • Uphold dignity with the utmost importance