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What is Care Management?

Care management involves coordination and assistance with health care and medical oversight, residential needs and relocation, access to community resources, and other support services. A care manager creates a care plan to help identify unique needs and goals and proposes the necessary resources to provide quality services that allow for those goals to be met. A care manager offers support and guidance while helping to eliminate stress and burden on the client and their loved ones.

One of our experienced care managers will work with you and your family by utilizing person-centered care and taking a holistic approach. Clients and their loved ones are encouraged to participate in the development of care plans and services are customized to meet their individual needs, wishes, and goals. By combining collective experience in the professional services of care management, guardianship, rehabilitative care, and finance, our staff works collaboratively to bring the best possible care solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

Individual Assessment & Care Plan

Develop a customized, comprehensive plan based on the individual’s physical, mental, and psychosocial abilities and preferences.

Lifestyle Support

Assess living arrangements and identify the best service providers from a network of trusted professionals we’ve developed over many years by serving our clients. This includes home health agencies, private duty and companion services, housekeeping, and other specialty services.

Crisis Intervention

Monitor situations to thwart crisis conditions or manage those that can’t be prevented.

Resource Recommendations

Utilize our networks of assisted living facilities, home health agencies, medical specialists, and caregivers who provide cost-effective and quality care.

Fiduciary Services and Legal Matters

Responsible for financial management, property management, protection of assets, and planning for long-term care. Financial services can include paying bills and coordination with a Power of Attorney or financial team. We also have a wide referral network of elder law attorneys and other legal experts.

Managing and Maintaining Health

Interface with health care providers and advocate for clients, review medical appointments as necesary, and coordinate with medical care providers. Identify and coordinate resources to promote well-being including assessment of the best based on health status and preferences.

Insurance & Benefit Recommendation

Evaluate the appropriateness and fit of medical insurance coverage and assist with benefits applications for Medicare and other federal and state benefits.

Family Liaison & Support

Act as a liaison between all interested parties and providers by providing frequent updates and support through proactive problem-solving solutions.

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Guiding Principles

  • Always serve with compassion
  • Advocate for all
  • Safeguard the individuals we serve and act in their best interests
  • Enhance the quality of life at every opportunity
  • Uphold dignity with the utmost importance